3 Creative Ways to Send Navel Oranges as Gifts This Christmas

By : | 0 Comments | On : May 30, 2014 | Category : Gift Guidance

oranges2.jpgThe Christmas season is one of the best times of the year to show off your creativity and artistic abilities through gifts. When presented in an artistic manner, simple gifts such as navel oranges can become something unique and special. You see, the presentation of your gifts count so if you want to turn an otherwise ordinary and boring gift into something exciting, you need to tap into your artistic side.

How can you turn a bunch of navel oranges into unique gifts? The traditional fruit basket is always a good place to start when it comes to Christmas presents. There are many ways to make your fruit basket really special without spending a lot of money on it. To make a unique fruit basket filled with navel oranges, you need to have a regular size basket, transparent gift wrappers, some ribbons, trinkets and art materials. Ribbons of different colors and sizes can make a lot of difference in the way your basket looks so you might want to invest in a few rolls of satin ribbons for this purpose. Also, you should invest in some good quality transparent gift wrappers to wrap your basket with. Once you have your materials, you can play around and create a few unique fruit baskets filled with navel oranges. Remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gift basket decorations so just unleash your creativity and have fun.

Aside from the traditional gift basket, you can make put your navel oranges in uniquely shaped gift boxes and bags. You can create a gift box that looks like a Christmas tree or a snowman and fill it up with fresh navel oranges. On the other hand, if you prefer to put your navel oranges in bags, you might want to invest in some plain white clothe and make the bags yourself. Personalized gift bags are always welcome especially during Christmas so take the time to design your bags to suit the personalities of the people whom you intend to give them to.

Another way turn navel oranges into special Christmas presents is to process the oranges into jams, preserves and others. Note that cooking is a form of art so you should not limit yourself to arts and crafts when it comes to making Christmas presents. Besides, processing navel oranges will prolong the shelf life of the fruits so your friends and family members can still enjoy your gifts even after the holidays. To make your fruit jams and preserves look good, you should put them in decorative jars and containers. Jams and preserves placed inside brightly colored containers and tied with lovely ribbons make great Christmas presents.

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