7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Fall

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Pittman & Davis is a family-owned company that’s been in business for more than 80 years, specializing in the delivery of wonderful orchard fresh fruit, smoked meats, cheeses, pastries, candies and other scrumptious gift food items. Pittman & Davis raises the most delicious of all grapefruit varieties to perfection, and then takes the extra step of allowing them to ripen fully on the tree. Just hours after picking, each fruit is hand-selected for size, quality and ripeness, individually hand-wrapped in gift paper and rushed to you or your recipient’s front door. Pittman & Davis offers free shipping on all fruit gift baskets, so if you’re looking for a fall gift for an anniversary, holiday, birthday, celebration or just because, then check out these seven fall gift ideas.

1. Centerpiece Fruit Basket: Enjoy ruby red grapefruit and navel oranges in an open-weave basket with built-in handles. With this citrus fruit basket, you can order a half-bushel of navel oranges, ruby red grapefruit or a combination of both.

2. Dozen Cartons: Fall is a perfect time for this handsome gift basket filled with large ruby red grapefruit and seedless navel oranges. Order fruit baskets with 12 large ruby red grapefruit, 6 large ruby red grapefruit and 8 large navel oranges or 16 sweet navel oranges.

3. Six Pack: This economical pack is great for a surprise gift. Choose between 6 ruby red grapefruit, 3 grapefruit and 4 navel oranges or 8 sweet navel oranges. Don’t forget, at Pittman & Davis we offer free shipping on all baskets.

4. Half-Bushel Baskets: Sending these fruit baskets is a perfect Christmas gift—the red-and-green basket also looks wonderful under your Christmas tree. With this citrus gift basket, you can get all navel oranges, all ruby red grapefruit or half and half of each fruit.

5. A Jolly Jamboree: We love giving this premium fruit basket; it’s perfect for any occasion, filled with fresh ruby red grapefruit, navel oranges, roasted pistachios and pecan halves.

6. Noel Wrapped Citrus: If you can’t think of a gift idea for someone on your Christmas list, go with this citrus fruit basket that’s filled with holiday cheer. You will receive juicy, sweet ruby red grapefruit or a combination of ruby red grapefruit and navel oranges, custom hand-wrapped with our exclusive Noel design—no extra packaging required.

7. Tiny Tim Navels: Who wouldn’t love these smaller navel oranges that are packed with sweetness and come in a great size for kids or for a quick snack on the go? Order this fruit basket, and you will receive 24 Tiny Tim navels freshly picked off the vine.

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