Benefits of Florida Oranges Through Out Your Life

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oranges18.jpgFlorida oranges are a unique food. Unlike many things that can be very good for you, Florida oranges have benefits from the young, the ones in middle and, and to the seniors. Many foods can not say that. Honey, for example, should be absolutely avoided by newborn children because of botulism and used carefully with older children because of it's laxative effect. Milk is important to children because of the calcium and vitamin D but used more sparingly with older people because of it's fat. Also you should remember that milk is made to help a calf grow hundreds of pounds in a short amount of time. That is really not something most of us want to do when Florida oranges can help provide you with calcium. Prunes and prune juice is another example. All that fiber is good for seniors but can lead to dehydration in the small ones if too much is fed to them.

Maybe the best affect of Florida oranges to the younger members of society is the building of healthy eating habits Very few adults get the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables and it is well known how much our eating habits are learned when we are young. Making sure children are exposed to foods like Florida oranges can help set the stage for healthier eating throughout life.

Although we view cancer as more of an affection of the elderly we all know that it can strike at any age. While Florida oranges do not cure cancer it has been shown to have certain anti-carcinogenic effects. On top of that is the presence of antioxidants. This is very important in preventing cancer. As free radicals run amok, they damage cells and leave them more susceptible to becoming cancerous. Antioxidants help keep free radicals from doing that.

Florida oranges are also filled with several of the “good” fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. they keep your cholesterols in balance and reduce you risk of strokes and heart attacks. They also lower blood pressure as an added effect.

In your later years there are even more positive effects of Florida oranges. They slow down the on set of both arthritis and rheumatism. They also decrease the chance of developing kidney stones. The antioxidants will help prevent both tissue and muscle loss while the calcium helps prevent the demineralization of bones. It is obvious that Florida oranges are a great food for life.

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