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Here at Pittman Davis, we sell more than just fruit. We also offer a wide selection of fresh pastries and bakery gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. Whether for the holiday season or simply to say “thank you,” they'll love the rich, decadent flavors of these fresh items. Of course, you can also order them for yourself! Here is a brief list with descriptions of some of the most popular items we sell.

Marble Madness Cakemarble-madness.jpg

For all those chocoholics out there, here's a recipe we've been perfecting for generations. Our Marble Madness Cake is an irresistible mix of white and dark chocolate cake batter that's topped with sweet and bitter chocolate flakes. Weighing in at 24 oz., it is large enough to comfortably feed six to eight people.

Pecan Delight Coffee Cake

Fresh eggs, butter, sour cream, and pecans are mixed together to make this incredible coffeecake that will have your guest begging for another slice. This decadent, delicious Southern treat looks nearly as scrumptious as it tastes.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A famous cake that most people have regrettably never tried, our classic family recipe features sour cream, fresh creamery butter, crushed pineapple, and a brown sugar glaze. The cake is then popped into a hot oven and baked until golden brown. As if that weren't enough, we add Maraschino cherries and whole pineapple rings before we box it up.

Caribbean Rum Cake

One of our favorite baked goods, our new rum cake is so luscious and moist; you could easily eat it with a spoon. Topped with toasted coconut, it is a rare treat for island lovers everywhere.

Old World Baklava

There's good Baklava and bad Baklava. Unfortunately, most of us have only had the latter, since the ancient dessert requires experience and real skill to get right. Fortunately, we have the knowhow to prepare the best Baklava you're likely to find in the Americas. We start with ultra thin layers of pastry that are each topped with chopped California walnuts that are mixed in a raspberry or cinnamon and spice blend. The intricate confection is then drenched with honey and baked to flaky perfection. Available in either raspberry or cinnamon and spice flavors, our Baklava is sliced in the traditional diamond-shape pattern.

Traditional Fruit Cake

One of the most popular baked goods in history, our traditional fruit cake is unlike any version of the classic confection you've eaten, or avoided, in the past.Topped with an irresistible blend of choice fruit and rich nuts, the cakes itself if feed bourbon for several days, which gives it a distinctive, delicious taste.

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