Composition of Red Grapefruit

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ruby red grapefruit

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The grapefruit is one of the newer varieties of citrus fruits and is the result of cross-breeding between oranges and pomeloes. All grapefruit varieties are rather large and can range in size from four to six inches. The albedo–the white matter underneath the skin–is approximately a quarter inch to a half an inch in thickness. There are three different colors of grapefruit: white, pink and red. Red grapefruit is especially high in vitamin C as are all varieties of citrus fruits. In addition to vitamin C, the red grapefruit contains man other nutrients and minerals that make it an excellent source of grapefruit nutrition for any diet.

Red grapefruit has nutritional value which includes antioxidants and other disease-fighting components like many of the citrus fruits. Although the red grapefruit can have a bitter and sour taste, the benefits of consumption are sweet in comparison to other foods. While some people cannot eat any kind of grapefruit such as people who are taking statin medications for high cholesterol, it is generally safe for everyone including children. Many people like to eat grapefruit for breakfast, and there are many who firmly believe consuming grapefruit with each meal helps them lose weight. While some experts now claim grapefruit does not burn calories, many dieters dispute this claim.

Those who enjoy consuming red grapefruit will also be pleased at the health benefits and nutritional value that come along with it. The ability to ward off things as simple as the common cold and as serious as cancer make the consumption of red grapefruit an essential part of the daily diets of many people. While some people prefer the sweeter taste of an orange, just as many enjoy the sour and bitter taste of red grapefruit because they believe strongly in its nutritional value, especially as an addition to weight loss. Choosing a breakfast of half a red grapefruit with a bowl of low-sugar cereal with skin milk and artificial sweetener will help you either lose weight or maintain your current weight.

If you don't have time to cut and eat a piece of red grapefruit you can choose to drink its nutritional value in juice. While you may not always find red grapefruit juice in every store, you can buy red grapefruit and make your own, a much healthier choice because you will know what is in it. If you add a little bit of artificial sweetener you will take some of the bitterness out of it without adding any additional calories.

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