Florida, California, and Texas Citrus

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Everyone knows they grow oranges in Florida. Any number of orange juice cartons advertise Florida orange juice, and many brands even include the state in their name. California and Texas citrus growers, however, shouldn't be without credit for their orange production.

After all, along with Florida, these states are some of the largest producers of citrus in the country. Knowing a little bit about the citrus crop in each state goes a long way when it comes to distinguishing the differences among the production of oranges and grapefruits in these states.

In southern California, groves of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits have been cultivated in the state for many decades. The legacy of citrus production in the state is so strong that the state of California even operates a state park California Citrus State Historic Park celebrating the heritage and cultural landscape of California's citrus industry. While the appearance of the state's citrus groves may have changed over the years, something that can be easily understood through park exhibitions, the Golden State is still a large grower of citrus.

Texas citrus, on the other hand, is most distinguished by its grapefruits, which it produces in larger volume than its oranges. Such Texas citrus staples as the Ruby Red and Rio Red grapefruits are shipped all over the country when it's the right season, and the state has built a reputation around these grapefruits produced mainly in the southernmost tip of Texas, the Rio Grande Valley. Among other Texas citrus offerings are Navel oranges,early-season seedless varieties, and late-season oranges like the popular Valencia.

Florida, of course, produces the majority of citrus fruit sold in the United States, and that includes the oranges seen on store shelves as well as those ultimately meant for processing. Unlike Texas citrus, which is distinguished by its grapefruit production, Florida is known most for its oranges, though it produces more grapefruits than Texas in terms of sheer volume.

While California, Florida, and Texas citrus production is similar since the same fruits are grown in all three places, there are many differences as well. Whether it's California's historic park, Florida's seemingly endless orange groves, or the grapefruit-centered Texas citrus industry, all three states are big contributors when it comes to the volume of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons that appear on the market. No matter which state the citrus comes from, however, its quality should never be cause for concern.

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