Fruit Cake: A Holiday Tradition

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After recently seeing the movie “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” I was reminded of how lucky I have been to grow up in a large family with whom to learn, share stories, and celebrate holidays. Of the many holidays my family and I celebrate together, the grandest and most memorable is always Christmas. Our entire clan comes together each year at this time for a week of fun, feasting, and to share our blessings.

The grownups prepare food and decorate the house inside and out. The teenagers wrap gifts and help with cooking and decorating the tree. And the little kids play outside in the backyard, hit the kitchen to sample the tasty delights, and just have fun and be noisy all day long.

The table is a smorgasbord of tasty gourmet treats, delicious dishes, wines, and other beverages but the one thing that is never missing every year is the fruit cake (fruitcakes to be more exact as we always seem to have more than one type).

History of Fruitcake

The Romans were the first to make fruitcakes. Back then they used pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash. The holiday fruitcake was then updated in the Middle Ages to include honey, spices, and dried fruits. What made it even better was the lifting of church regulation forbidding the use of milk and butter in fruitcakes. Add to that the discovery from the American Colonies that high concentration of sugar could preserve fruits enabling the preservation of holiday fruit cake to more than 25 years if stored properly.

Fruitcakes became so popular in Europe and other parts of the world that they became a common staple during the holidays. You can easily find fruit cakes for sale in many pastry shops and bakeries.

Fruitcake Are A Tradition

For many families and friends, the tradition of a holiday fruit cake is a must. If you do not know how to make one and are asking yourself, “Where can I buy a good fruit cake?” you can always order yours by mail, or buy fruitcakes online.

When buying fruit cakes online, make sure that you are buying from a reputable store that sells top-notch fruitcake for sale. Don’t just buy from any store, as you want to be thrilled when the fruit cake arrives.

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