Grapefruit Drinks- Drink to Your Health

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grapefruit2.jpgDo ever wonder why there is such a crazy over grapefruit in the United States of America? Why do people have grapefruit drinks over orange juice in the morning? Why is their a diet that is nearly a century old that revolves around this fruit? Well, below get is the 411 on grapefruit, also known as shaddock, and why it is essential that you jump on this healthy band wagon for better health and potentially a longer and healthier life.

As you may know, the grapefruit comes from the citrus family and gets its name from the way that it grows on trees- it literally grows in grape-like clusters! Although it is a seasonal fruit, grapefruits grown in the sub-tropical climates of the continental United States of America have longer seasons to ensure that the fruit is provided a large part of the year. Also, if it is not fresh during the months in which you would like to purchase it, you can always purchase any type of grapefruit drinks such as ruby red grapefruit drinks or mixed fruit juices. Many of the same benefits are found in the juices as in the fruit with the exception that the fruit itself has a higher dietary fiber concentration that aids the excretory system in waste removal.

This fruit, like its relatives, is loaded with vitamin C, an essential vitamin in warding off and fighting against infectious diseases, viruses and bad bacteria that can render you ill such as the common cold or the flu. If you do get sick, drinking your favorite grapefruit drink will also help in keeping any fevers at bay. That very same grapefruit drink can also help your body with a number of other health functions. Grapefruit drinks can help fight off fatigue and combat insomnia. Grapefruit has also been long seen as a diuretic. This is because by consuming the fruit or having grapefruit drinks, you are adding a combination of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that aid in the cleansing of the lymphatic system, digestive system, nervous system and excretory system! Pretty impressive is it not for a small glass of grapefruit drink? Grapefruit works as a diuretic because it aids the lymphatic system in the removal of toxins from the kidneys, blood and excretory system as well as aids the body in the removal of retained water. This is one reason that many pregnant women enjoy grapefruit as it helps reduce the swelling of their feet, ankles and legs.

So yes the rage about grapefruit and grapefruit juice are for good reason and you should join in to ensure that you have reap the benefits of this healthy yet tangy and delicious addition to your life.

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