Grapefruit Pectin on the Go

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grapefruit16.jpgThere are all kinds of dietary supplements that you can find on a shelf. Grocery stores, vitamin shops, even places in the mall all seem to carry different supplements. One type of supplement that is just recently catching on is grapefruit pectin. It is still relatively an unknown supplement compared to vitamins, minerals and herbs that you might find on the same shelves. But grapefruit pectin has a ton of health benefits and does not even have to be taken in supplemental form. In fact, eating raw grapefruit or some of its byproducts can also garner the benefits of grapefruit pectin.

It is important to know that grapefruit pectin is a type of fiber. Fiber is great for your body because it helps your digestive system and keeps you feeling full faster and longer. Eating foods high in fiber has been shown to be heart healthy, too. This is especially true of grapefruit pectin. This is because it has a huge impact on your cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is attracted to grapefruit pectin, and bonds with it. The pectin with the newly bound cholesterol is then flushed through your system. The more cholesterol that is flushed out of your body, the better. This is because if it is not flushed out with grapefruit pectin or other ways, it can attach to the arteries that are found in your heart. The more cholesterol that attaches to your arteries, the harder they have to work to get blood aerated and pumping through your body. If this is the case in your body, it can lead to angina (a type of high blood pressure), heart disease, and even stroke.

A diet rich in grapefruit pectin can not only prevent your cholesterol level from going any higher than it already is, but it can also help remove some of the cholesterol that has already found its way into your artery walls. So not only does grapefruit pectin prevent higher cholesterol, it lowers it at the same time. All while also supplying your body with Vitamin C, antioxidants, riboflavin and other added benefits. Imagine just one food in your daily routine that can prevent heart attacks, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and diabetes. And it tastes great too! At least, grapefruit pectin tastes great to some.

If you find yourself balking at the taste of grapefruit as a way to get grapefruit pectin into your diet, try the aforementioned supplements instead. A few pills a day (according to label directions) and you will be set. Also, there are grapefruit pectin powders that can get these great benefits as well. It may not taste great but if you are only concerned about your health and are on the go, grapefruit pectin supplements are a great way to go.

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