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oranges17.jpgWhen you're hungry and need a snack avoid grabbing cake or candy. Instead reach for a navel orange and preserve not only the calories but avoid any additional sugar and carbohydrates. While you will certainly find sugar and carbohydrates in a navel orange, you will find healthy natural sugar and “good” carbohydrates. While everyone is likely to have the need for snacks during the day, it's important for each person to learn to eat snacks that are healthy, and eating a navel orange will help you not only get rid of the in between meals hunger pangs but also will provide healthy nutritional balance.

There are many good reasons to get into the habit of eating a navel orange for a snack. In addition to the good taste it is also an excellent source of vitamin C and necessary antioxidants. When the cold and flu season arrives it's important to make sure you have plenty of vitamin C to boost your immune system. It doesn't matter whether you live in a part of Texas that remains warm; you are still going to face temperature and climate shifts that will lead to illness unless your immune system is in excellent condition.

Colds and flu are not the only illnesses that will be improved when you eat healthy snacks that boost your immune system. Many serious diseases are caused by a breakdown in the immune system including some cancers. Choosing a navel orange instead of piece of cake will help your body build its resistance to many different illnesses while it will also help you maintain a proper weight because you don't consume empty calories and excessive carbohydrates that your body turns into sugar. Put the dish of ice cream back in the freezer and choose a healthy Texas navel orange instead.

One of the problems with many healthy foods is their lack of taste. Fortunately for the navel orange it is sweet, juicy and extremely tasty at the same time. Choosing a navel orange dessert will provide you with many health benefits as a result of consuming important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. That doesn't mean you have to always eat the fruit right from the peel; you can certainly find many creative ways to eat a navel orange that will still provide you with the same nutritional value you would obtain from grabbing a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl when you're looking for a snack.

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