How to Make and Ship Grapefruit Baskets as Holiday Giveaways

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grapefruit15.jpgAs the holiday season approaches, most of us scramble to find the right presents for our loved ones. Finding the right presents can be a bit of a challenge especially if we want to give something really special to those who are important to us. Yet, with the current economic downturn, not all of us can afford to buy expensive gifts. Fortunately, there are ways to let the special people around us know that we care without spending a lot of money. Instead of buying expensive gifts off the department store racks, you can always make and ship grapefruit baskets to family members and friends for the holidays. Grapefruits are not only delicious, they are also very healthy. Besides, grapefruits are known to ripe slowly so even if you keep these fruits for a day or two at room temperatures, they will not wilt or rot in your kitchen.

To beat the holiday rush, you should make a list of people whom you will ship grapefruit baskets weeks before the holiday season. After making your list, look for reliable shipping agents that offer the best prices. Most courier companies are swamped with work during the months of November to December so choose your courier carefully and make sure that it can deliver your packages on time. Courier companies that allow you to track the movement of your package online are your best choices especially when you ship grapefruit to different states.

Once you find the right courier, you may now start shopping for grapefruits and make your own fruit baskets. When shopping for grapefruits go for the ruby red variety from Texas. Unlike the sour white and pink varieties the ruby red grapefruit is sweet and juicy. Aside from fresh fruits, you may also want to add some bottles of juice into your baskets. Just arrange these items carefully and make sure that your juice bottles will not tilt or rollover and damage your fresh fruits. You do not really want to ship grapefruit that looks as if it has been run over, do you?

After arranging the contents of your baskets, wrap the basket carefully using transparent plastic gift wrapper. Not only will the plastic wrapper make your baskets look lovely, it will also prevent its content from spilling out when you ship grapefruit to your friends and family members.

Once your baskets are ready, you may now call the courier company to ship grapefruit baskets to your friends and loved ones. You may ship grapefruit baskets a few days before the holidays to make sure that your presents will arrive on time. On the other hand, if you are planning to go out of town for the holidays, you should start to ship grapefruit baskets to your friends and family members a few weeks before the holidays.

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