Knowing Nutritional Facts about Grapefruit Can Help You Make Good Choices

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grapefruit5.jpgIn order to make the right decision concerning nutrition, you need to know the necessary information. For instance, when you have the important nutritional facts about grapefruit, you are in a better position to make the right decision about adding it into your family's diet. There are some nutritional facts about grapefruit about which most people are knowledgeable, but like many other foods, there are lesser known facts. Nearly everyone knows grapefruit is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants in addition to possessing fat burning properties. How many nutritional facts about grapefruit do you really know? If you are like most people you do not know anything beyond the most common nutritional facts about grapefruit.

Some of the less common nutritional facts about grapefruit include the following:

* The pectin in grapefruit helps lower cholesterol.
* The presence of bioflavonoids and other plant chemicals gives grapefruit cancer fighting properties and helps it protect again heart disease.
* Grapefruit contains an abundance of fiber which helps you stay full longer.
* Grapefruit contains an abundance of polyamine which helps slow down the aging process.
* It plays an integral role in preventing kidney stones and some cancers.
* It helps reduce the side effects of arthritis.

It is unlikely that even a majority of consumers are aware of the above nutritional facts about grapefruit. Most people are only aware of those facts that are commonly published while other factors are only available when someone is interested enough to conduct a search to find nutritional facts about grapefruit. It is quite sad that people are not aware of all the nutritional facts about grapefruit because it is likely retailers and wholesalers would sell more of this healthy and wholesome fruit.

In spite of the wholesome and healthy nutritional facts about grapefruit, there will always be those who are more interested in consuming those fruits that have a sweeter taste. The bitter and sour taste of grapefruit often deters people from eating grapefruit in spite of its high nutritional value. Certainly there are some people who cannot eat grapefruit for health reasons (i.e. interactions with medicine), but in most cases the lack of grapefruit in a person's diet is due to personal preferences based upon taste. However, there is no reason not to add a little bit of artificial sweetener or salt in order to give the grapefruit a sweeter and more acceptable taste.

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