Mutation Spurs Demand: Why Farmers Now Ship Grapefruit from Texas

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grapefruit18.jpgOver the years, grapefruits enjoyed great demand in different parts of the United States. However, this fruit was not always that popular and there was a time when farmers even refused to ship grapefruit to the nearby market because it was very difficult to sell. You see, this citrus fruit was not always ruby red, sweet and juicy as it is today. In fact, first round of grapefruits cultivated in Texas were white and pink and they tasted sour and bitter. The first crops were declared by many as a failure and farmers did not even bother to ship grapefruit out of their farms.

Given the unpopularity of the grapefruit at that time and the reluctance of the farmers to ship grapefruit to the market, many predicted that this crop will never really earn anything. However, by some twist of fate, the grapefruit mutated and a sweet and juicy variety emerged. According to experts, this type of fruit is naturally inclined towards mutation and factors like change in climate, the nutritional content in the soil and other environmental conditions may have triggered the mutation.

The mutated variety was nothing like its predecessors. The new ruby red variety was so attractive that people actually started to buy them. As demand for the new fruit variety increased, the farmers started to ship grapefruit to the market hoping to make some money and recover their previous losses. At first, the farmers only ship grapefruit in few crates and boxes but as the demand for the new ruby red variety increased, farmers found themselves shipping tons fruits to supermarkets. Some farmers even ship grapefruit directly to households.

What caused the sudden increase in the demand for grapefruit? There were many factors that triggered the demand for the grapefruit. No, it is not only the taste and the color of this fruit the triggered the strong demand and the spurred Texas farmers to ship grapefruits all over the country. During the 1930s, dieticians introduced the Hollywood Diet which promoted the grapefruit as a fat burner. Although there are not concrete studies to back the notion that grapefruit can burn fats, the idea that this fruit can help people lose weight appealed to the public. With grapefruit based diet programs promising 10 pound weight loss in 12 days, many people turned to this fruit to lose weight.

Another factor that may have affected the demand for this citrus fruit and spurred farmers to ship grapefruit day in and day out is the fact that this fruit contains large amount of phytochemicals and antioxidants. Studies show that phytochemicals and antioxidants are good for the body so many health conscious people now eat grapefruit.

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