Nutritional Value of the Red Grapefruit

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A grapefruit cut in half.

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The red grapefruit is a citrus fruit and as such possesses many different nutritional qualities. For instance, it possesses an enormous amount of vitamin C which is important for warding off the common cold among other common maladies. Of course, the antioxidant values make red grapefruit a nutritious and delicious food for preventing other more serious ailments including cancer and heart disease. As people become more health conscious, they are beginning to choose the foods they eat based on their nutritional value which will put red grapefruit on the top of many consumers' lists. While children may not be very drawn to red grapefruit, it is safe for even the youngest child to eat thus providing many nutrients and vitamins that are essential for growing children.

Like other citrus fruits, red grapefruit has antioxidants that help boost the immune system. This quality is essential for those who live in climates with changing weather. It is very easy to catch a spring or summer cold that lingers, but the immune boosting powers of the red grapefruit will help you avoid those nuisances. The red color indicates that red grapefruit includes lycopene which is believed to help ward off cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and conditions. Of course, this requires more than just the ingestion of half a grapefruit every now and again; you have to develop the habit of eating red grapefruit on a regular basis for it to provide you with all the benefits of its vitamin and mineral component.

Anyone who is looking for a fruit that contains an enormous amount of the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health should certainly consider making red grapefruit a part of their every day diet. Whether you consume it with breakfast, in juice or as part of a fruit salad is of little importance. In fact, when you vary your diet and consume red grapefruit in many different ways you are less likely to become bored or become tired of this nutritionally beneficial citrus fruit. Adding some grapefruit to a citrus salad can even cause someone who doesn't ordinarily eat red grapefruit to learn to enjoy it. After all, a small piece here and there albeit on a regular basis is very beneficial as well and can help a person develop the habit of adding this variety of citrus fruits to their daily diets. Add some red grapefruit to your Ambrosia salad for a change in the flavor or texture–have some red grapefruit sections with your bowl of cereal if you don't feel you can eat half a grapefruit. The key to good nutrition is learning how to eat differently, and this comes with time.

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