Red Grapefruit Adds a New Dimension to Fruit Baskets

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Fruit baskets can be drab and mundane–the same fruits in every single basket. It can be even worse when you are creating a fruit basket for your dining room table: there is a tendency to choose all the same kinds of fruits all the time. The problem is if no one complains you will not know that everyone is tired of the same kinds of fruits. In fact, very few people think to include red grapefruit as part of a fruit basket unless it is one you are sending to someone as a gift.

A home basket tends to include the more popular fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, strawberries and grapes. In order to generate more interest in fruit baskets whether for those you are sending to someone or those you create for consumption in your home, it's important to choose a variety of selections. While it may seem like a good idea to use those fruits you know everyone likes, you will soon bore them with your routine selections. Add some variety to your baskets including red grapefruit, limes, kiwi, apricots and anything else you think everyone is willing to try. You never know what your guests and family will enjoy unless you give other fruits a chance.

By adding red grapefruit to your fruit baskets you will be providing an additional source of vitamin c and many other nutrients. This is especially important during those times of year when colds and other maladies are prominent. While this may not be a problem in most of Florida, it is certainly a problem in other places and could be a problem any where at any time because of the volatility of the climate. Thus the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system by consuming large amounts of vitamin C can never be under stated.

While all citrus fruit varieties contain large amounts of vitamin C, red grapefruit also contains another essential nutrient–lycopene. While it has other important functions, lycopene is most popular for it ability to help prevent cancer. It is easy to identify those fruits that contain this essential component because of their red color–the tomato is another good source of lycopene and is also red. While it may not be practical to include tomatoes in a fruit basket, it is certainly feasible to include red grapefruit either whole or cut up and put into plastic bags or wrap.

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