Smoked Meats Are Perfect for Tailgating!

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food for tailgating

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means – football time!

One of the best things about fall is tailgating. You don’t need to attend the game in person to enjoy that “be there” vibe – eating and hanging out with friends and family while you listen to or watch the game in the crisp fall air is one of autumn’s great pleasures, and to make the most of it, make sure you plan a tailgating menu that’s sure to score big. And with help from Pittman & Davis’s selection of Smoked Meat Gifts, you won’t even have to fire up the hibachi unless you want to!

A meat delivery from Pittman & Davis containing meat gifts or meat and cheese gift baskets are always welcome because they are not only delicious – they cut your prep time down to practically nothing. That’s because our gourmet meats come pre-cooked and ready to enjoy – all you have to do is heat them up or just slice and serve!

Here are some of our most popular gourmet meats that are perfect for tailgating:

  • Pittman & Davis Spiral-Sliced Ham, Starting at $89.99
    Many of our customers come back year after year to order a gourmet gift box containing a sweet and savory, Spiral-Sliced Ham from Pittman & Davis. If you’ve ordered one in the past, you already know what a fabulous main dish this hickory-smoked cut makes at a holiday feast, but it’s also a hit on the buffet table! The bone is left in to give it extra flavor, and the optional glaze it comes with is easy to prepare. Order the size you need for your next game day celebration, slice it up, set it out with a selection of sandwich rolls, then sit back and enjoy the compliments rolling in!
  • Pittman & Davis Smoked Turkeys, Starting at $84.99
    If pork isn’t your thing or if you want to offer your guest a selection, smoked turkeys for sale from Pittman & Davis can’t be beat for flavor. Each broad-breasted smoked turkey has been slowly and carefully smoked to ensure it’s tender, juicy, and packed with unforgettable flavor. Choose from Traditional or Seasoned with Lemon Pepper – both are amazing. You can even order one for your Thanksgiving turkey and save the leftovers for your weekend tailgating party (better get two just in case – there may not be enough leftovers once your dinner guests taste this delectable bird)!
  • Pittman & Davis Tamales, Starting at $64.99
    If you really want to “score” with your guests, this savory customer favorite is sure to be the hit of your party. Premium tender pork, beef, and chicken are surrounded by a thin, moist layer of savory corn meal with fresh vivid Mexican spices, then wrapped in a natural corn husk. Our Cantina Salsa completes this Mexican dish perfectly. So easy, yet so impressive, these tamales make every gathering special – whether your team wins or not!
  • Pittman & Davis Family Gourmet Gift Basket, Only $149.99
    Our family-sized gourmet gift basket contains just about everything you’ll need for your tailgating party – all you have to do is add drinks and sandwich rolls! Packed in a convenient container that can double as a makeshift picnic basket are our mouthwatering Boneless Smoked Peppered Ham and Boneless Turkey Breast (both pre-cooked and ready to heat and serve), along with a jar of spicy Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard to serve as the main dish. For a side dish, we’ve included a light and creamy Touvelle Cheese that pairs perfectly with crispy Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers. For dessert, our famous fruit, starting with four of our world-famous Rio Ruby® Red Grapefruit, two creamy King Comice Pears, and three juicy and seedless Navel Oranges. For a touch of decadence, dive into our popular Blood Orange Truffles, creamy Milk Chocolate Balls and crunchy Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies. There’s truly something for everyone in this collection!
  • Savory Treats Gift Basket, Only $59.99
    Another of our best-selling fall gift baskets is this rustic wooden container packed with a savory selection of meats, cheeses, and snacks rounded off with some of our most popular citrus and orchard fruits. Your guests will love snacking on slices of our Apple-Smoked Sausage and creamy Gouda Cheese, while our salty Butter-Braided Pretzels and exclusive American-Grown Snack Mix are downright addictive. To add sweet to the savory, we’ve included two juicy Clementine oranges, three fall-tasting Red Delicious Apples, and a creamy, King Comice Pear. It’s a mouthwatering addition to any game day gathering!

It’s never too early to plan for tailgating season, and the above selections are just a few of the sumptuous selections offered by Pittman & Davis that are sure to make your party a hit. Shop our whole collection for more!

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