Tangerines as Gifts

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Tangerines are small, simple to pack and transport, and easy for anyone to peel and eat in no time. This makes them the perfect gift idea when you need a housewarming present for the in-laws or a little something to leave on your boss’s desk when its his or her birthday. There are several simple ways to use tangerines as gifts, and each one is sure be appreciated for appearance as well as delicious taste by any recipient.

One excellent way to prepare tangerines as a gift is to give them in a basket. Put a piece of cloth with an attractive pattern in the bottom of a basket, and simply stack each fruit on top. For enhanced aesthetic appeal, you could even tie a bow around the basket handle. Recipients will not only appreciate the fruit itself, but they now have a new basket to use after it’s all gone.

While perhaps less of a present and more of a dessert, another way to give tangerines as a gift is to bake an orange cake, placing pieces of the fruit either on top of the cake or around it. Each slice can be pressed into the icing around the edges of the cake as a border or on top of the cake in whatever fashion you prefer. If you can get a hold of some seedless tangerines, these will be the best for using in the cake as those eating it need not worry about picking through each bite for seeds.

Hand-picked tangerines, if you can come across some, also make for excellent gifts. If you’re traveling through Florida, Texas, or anywhere else where you can pick your own fruit, giving away what you picked yourself adds a personal touch to the gift. Many with the ability to grow their own tangerines will be able to give away lots of them this way, and since each tangerine is hand-picked, it shouldn’t matter to guests whether there are any blemishes or spots on the outside. That’s what you get when fruit is fresh from a backyard garden!

Regardless of which tangerine gift idea you choose, rest assured that tangerines are easy pack up and transport from one location to another with little fear they will be damaged in the process. The tough outer peel ensures this. Giving tangerines as gifts is a great idea for almost anyone as both kids and grownups love the sweet, fresh taste they provide.

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