Tasty Tangerines

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tangerine1.jpgWhether you're looking for a healthy refreshing snack, an addition to your salad or a guilt-free dessert, tangerines are a choice that can't be beat. These citrus fruits are a small variety of the Mandarin orange, with an easy-to-peel skin. Most people just eat them as they are but tangerines also make a great addition to many different food dishes thanks to their tangy complementary flavor.

Why You Should Reach for a Tangerine
Tangerines are smaller and quicker to eat than a regular orange but just as satisfying. They are juicy and tangy but not as sour as many other citrus fruits. Many people say that a tangerine is not too sweet and not too tart, making it the perfectly satisfying fruit. A good tangerine is firm to slightly soft. You don't want to choose a rock-hard fruit or a mushy one either. It will have a grainy, pebbly skin but avoid bruises or deep grooves. Peak season for tangerines is short so you should enjoy them while you can.
Tangerines are also a great source of many nutrients, including vitamin C. If you want to fight off the common cold, getting a healthy daily dose of vitamin C is a good place to start. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your body from free radicals that cause serious diseases and cancers. It also helps to boost and protect your immune system so that your body can fight off illness and infection. Vitamin C keeps your gums healthy and aids in the production of collagen in the body's muscles. Tangerines also contain beta-carotene, which helps to maintain effective healthy eyesight.

Florida Tangerines
Like many citrus fruits, tangerines are grown and exported out of Florida. In fact, Florida ranks first in the United States for its tangerine production. Thanks to its sandy soil and sub-tropical climate, the sunshine state is the perfect place for tangerine groves to flourish. All citrus fruit is proportionally sampled and tested to ensure ideal acidity levels. You can be sure that any Florida tangerine you peel is a premium quality fruit. The Florida citrus fruit industry employs thousands of Florida residents and generates over 9 billion dollars a year. It has earned its reputation as an unbeatable industry with huge domestic and export markets. The growth and sale of tangerines has boomed over the past two centuries and everybody agrees-Florida tangerines are the best of the best!

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