Texas Citrus Grapefruit Varieties

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South African Red Grapefruit

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The state of Texas produces a substantial quantity of the citrus fruit sold in the United States, and many already know that Texas citrus groves are full of full of oranges.

Grapefruits, however, are also grown in Texas, and a number of varieties grown there are among the more popular kinds of grapefruit on the market. Whether it's the Henderson, the Ruby Red, or the Rio Star, any fan of the grapefruit is sure to appreciate these popular Texas varieties.

Among the most commonly-grown ,and most commonly-consumed, Texas citrus varieties is the Henderson grapefruit. Popular because it's seedless, the Henderson offers a pulp that is a deeper red color than many of its counterparts.

It's also excellent for displays and gifts since its rind usually has a pink blush to counteract the more often-seen yellow peels of most grapefruits. The Henderson may also be found on shelves as a Ray Ruby grapefruit. Though technically two different varieties, the Ray Ruby and the Henderson are indistinguishable in appearance and taste.

The Ruby Red grapefruit, on the other hand, doesn't have the same blush on its outside, but it's also seedless and still quite popular among the different grapefruit varieties produced in Texas. A Texas citrus staple, many argue the Ruby Red is the grapefruit upon which the state's grapefruits get such a good name.The Ruby Red has, after all, been a common Texas citrus offering for many years. The pulp inside the grapefruit is less red than in the Henderson, and throughout the season may range anywhere from light red to pink in color.

Anyone who just absolutely needs a deep red grapefruit, however, can rest assured that the majority of grapefruits grown in Texas citrus groves are Rio Reds, a variety boasting what is decidedly the most red pulp of them all. First developed by Texas A&I University, the Rio Red grapefruit is an excellent breakfast fruit, and it looks nice in gift baskets, too. The slight pink blush that appears on its outside makes it an attractive specimen.

Whether it's the old Ruby Red, the newer Rio Red, or the common Henderson grapefruit, Texas citrus offerings are numerous, and these grapefruits are among the state's most popular citrus varieties. Although it may seem like Florida has a monopoly on the nation's citrus crop, the diverse Texas citrus choices on the market should not be ignored, and the state's grapefruits are a paradigm for excellent citrus quality.

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