Texas Citrus Offerings Include Many Grapefruits and Oranges

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Orange is In...

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As you may already realize, the state of Texas produces lots of citrus fruits that are enjoyed all over the United States. Although Florida may have the most orange and grapefruit juice cartons bearing the state's name, it is certainly not the only state that produces oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines.

Texas citrus offerings also include these much-enjoyed fruits, and there are regions of Texas where the abundance of citrus groves is seemingly without end. The state's oranges and grapefruits are among the most plentiful fruits in a diverse Texas citrus lineup.

Known for their high quality, a number of grapefruit varieties have made the fruit a Texas citrus staple. The Ruby Red grapefruit, as its name suggests, has a very appealing red pulp and fresh flavor unsurpassed by many other grapefruits. Throughout the growing season, its color fades from a bright red to a lighter, pink color, and it's usually seen among the most popular seedless grapefruit varieties.

Another seedless grapefruit grown in Texas is the Henderson, which is redder in color than even the Ruby Red. A great choice for a quick breakfast, the Henderson grapefruit isn't the least bit seedy, and it will look great in the fruit basket until you're ready to cut it open for a quick meal before heading for work.

Native Texans are known for taking pride in their state, and Texas citrus growers must also take pride in the great variety of oranges produced there. Anyone who has ever tried a Navel orange knows that it's seedless, and that is certainly one of the bigger selling points for this kind of fruit. Texas, in fact, produces a number of different Navel orange varieties, most of which mature in the fall and are shipped through January of the following year. Because they are seedless, Navel oranges are one of the most popular Texas citrus fruits given as gifts during the holiday season. A basket stacked high with Naval oranges is not only attractive, but it's also a great way to grab a quick snack.

While opportunities to enjoy Texas citrus abound, it's easy to see why the grapefruit and orange varieties coming out of the state enjoy such popularity. The Ruby Red and Henderson grapefruits are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multitude of Texas grapefruits on the market, and the state's Navel oranges, likewise, compose only a few of its early season orange varieties. Texas citrus definitely accounts for quite a hefty chunk of the Lone Star State's agricultural production.

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