Texas Citrus Orange Varieties

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It starts in the fall. Texas citrus fruit first matures in October, and it will be available fresh for many months thereafter. Depending on what part of the season it is, however, different varieties of oranges are grown, and they may be produced for different purposes and have unique qualities. Considering the varieties of oranges grown in Texas at different points in the season goes a long way insofar as understanding what kinds of oranges are available at various times of year.

Early in the Texas citrus season, Navel oranges begin appearing on store shelves. The Navel orange is popular specifically because it is seedless, sweet, and makes for a great snack. Each Navel orange has an additional piece of fruit, the navel, inside of the larger fruit, and the Navel umbrella includes a number of Texas citrus varieties.

The Marrs orange is one of these early-season Navel oranges, and it is known to mature as early as September during some years. It is sold through January, and, as Navel oranges are supposed to be, is generally seedless. Likewise, the N33E is a Navel orange that first appears in the early part of the Texas citrus season. While its name might not sound particularly appetizing, the N33E remains the most commonly-produced Navel orange in Texas as its yields are some of the most impressive of any variety.

In the middle of the season, the Pineapple orange is a common sight in Texas citrus groves. It will mature in November, and can be found on into February of the following year. Unlike Navel oranges, however, it is not seedless. Other mid-season varieties include the Jaffa and Joppa oranges, which are not as plentiful as other varieties since they're not known to hold up too well while still on the tree.

As for those oranges maturing late in the season, the Valencia orange is a Texas citrus staple, and it just so happens to be one of the most popular kinds of oranges in the United States if not the world. Maturing in January, it is sold well into the spring. Grapefruit also is one of the major citrus crops grown in Texas and not just in Florida.

While these oranges are not the only Texas citrus varieties found in the state, they provide a good idea of the kinds of oranges grown in the beginning, middle, and end of the growing season. When the weather starts getting cooler in most of the United States, the Texas citrus crop is just getting started, and a wide variety of oranges are available during most times of year.

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