Texas Citrus Versus Florida Citrus

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Both the Florida and Texas citrus industries boast high quality oranges and grapefruits. In terms of production, however, there are a number of differences. Each state's reputation for high-quality citrus fruit is built around different specialties, and each one tends to focus on different kinds of fruit and citrus varieties.

Understanding just a few facts about Florida and Texas citrus production should elucidate the differences and similarities between the two states when it comes to this particular agricultural sector of each state's economy.

First of all, Florida produces a larger citrus crop every year than any other state, and its oranges are sold far and wide whether it's on store shelves or processed into juices or other applications.

A whole host of orange varieties are produced in Florida, and crop yields are remarkably high. Other citrus fruits like grapefruits and lemons also come out of the state since, like the Texas citrus-growing Rio Grande Valley, the climate is very amenable to growing these types of fruit.

Although the state's reputation is built around its oranges, Florida actually produces more grapefruits than even Texas. Many a carton of orange juice will advertise that it uses Florida oranges exclusively, and several brands even include Florida in their names.

Texas citrus, on the other hand, is centered on its grapefruits. The state has built a reputation around the deep red pulp of its grapefruits, their low acidity, and their excellent taste. Such varieties as the Ruby Red and Rio Red are paradigms of a good grapefruit, and most Texas citrus production is centered around these fruits. Oranges are grown in Texas as well, but not in numbers anywhere close to what Florida yields. Still, whether it's early in the season or very late, oranges in Texas are grown well into the winter season, with some varieties maturing as late as January.

Despite their differences, both the Florida and Texas citrus industries have built well-deserved reputations for producing quality fruit. Though Florida citrus is known mostly for its oranges and Texas citrus growers have ensured an excellent reputation mostly for the state's fine grapefruits, both states produce any number of citrus varieties in excellent abundance. If anything is for certain, it's this: Florida and Texas both yield some of the nation's highest quality citrus crops, and nobody should think twice about sinking their teeth into an orange or grapefruit from either location.

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