Texas Grapefruit is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

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grapefruit3.jpgThis year you can cut down on holiday costs by using delicious Texas grapefruit as a stocking stuffer. Instead of filling stockings with expensive chocolate bars and small gifts this year put healthy and tasty grapefruit and oranges in your family stockings. Buying a large box of sweet Texas grapefruit will cost less than buying individual items for the Christmas stockings and you'll be giving your family a healthy and tasty treat that they will love. Texas grapefruit is sweeter than other types of grapefruit so even small kids will love the refreshing and sweet taste of the grapefruit before they dive into more holiday sweets.

The tradition of putting citrus fruit in Christmas stockings goes back thousands of years to Europe in the Middle Ages. During the cold winter months when there was nothing growing it was very difficult to get fresh fruit. If there was fresh fruit being sold it was so expensive that only the richest people would be able to afford to buy it. Since there were no multivitamins or other supplements back then people would go months without getting any of the Vitamin C, Vitamin A, or B Complex vitamins that they would need to stay healthy. Receiving a piece of citrus fruit for Christmas was something that most people would be incredibly grateful for since it would give them a delicious treat and a large dose of the vitamins and minerals they needed and weren't getting. Families would save all year to save the money to afford to buy fruit at Christmas. The tradition of giving Christmas fruitcake came out of the tradition of giving fruit for Christmas after it was discovered that baking the fruit into a cake and dousing it in alcohol would preserve the fruit for the winter.

So this year keep that tradition alive and use Texas grapefruit as a stocking stuffer for Christmas stockings. You will save money, which is always great during the expensive holiday season, and you'll be sharing history with your family. Explain the tradition of giving citrus fruits at Christmas time to your kids and make it a holiday tradition to always put at least one orange or grapefruit in their Christmas stockings. It will save you money and it will also start a great holiday tradition for your family to share and to pass on to future generations.

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