The Many Uses of Texas Oranges

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Sicilian oranges

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Though the orange is a popular hand fruit, about eighty percent of world production is used to make orange juice. The two major players in the orange juice market are the state of Florida and nation of Brazil. Between them they are responsible for about eighty-five percent of world orange juice production. But orange juice is not the only way producers sell the famous fruit. In this article we are going to examine the many uses of Texas oranges.

The most common way to ship orange overseas is to package it as concentrated frozen orange juice. About a quarter of all Texas oranges are prepared and shipped in this manner. It is a competitive multi-billion dollar market that is presently dominated by Brazilian fruit exporters.

Years ago, when oranges where squeezed, companies would simply discard the peels. But these days, companies have built billion dollar businesses based on this former byproduct. The fresh peals of Texas oranges can be used to extract orange oil. This oil can be used as a flavoring in foods and drinks, in perfumes, and in aromatherapy solutions. And just like lemon oil, orange oil is a common ingredient in numerous household cleaning products.

As a decorative item, the orange blossom is often included in bridal bouquets and in wreathes at wedding ceremonies. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the flower has an appealing fragrance and or that it is quite attractive on its own. Not surprisingly, the orange blossom is the official state flower of Florida.

Orange blossom petals are also used to create a popular version of rosewater that is commonly known as orange flower water. It is frequently seen on tables at fancy French and Middle Eastern restaurants.

In Spain, orange blossoms are dried and later used to make a soothing, fragrant tea. Texas oranges can even be used to create a delicacy known as orange blossom honey. It is made by bringing beehives into an orange grove. The bees will actually pollinate the fruit and make a honey that tastes like sweet Texas oranges.

But the most popular product that is made from oranges, after the juice, of course, is marmalade. Marmalade is a famous conserve that is produced from sweet Seville oranges. The Californian and Spanish styles of marmalade are extremely popular with products in Europe.

Old orange peels are often added to gardens as a slug repellent or used as an ingredient in the food of livestock. Orangewood is also used as a simple tool by manicurists. Apparently, most clients prefer it to the average emery board.

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