The Navel Orange is not Just for Florida

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oranges13.jpgMost people think of the navel orange as a fruit that is native to Florida, and while it is common knowledge that most oranges comes from Florida, at least for the east coast, there are other places that grow them as well. Texas has a substantial market for the navel orange in addition to Florida and California. In fact, the market variations allow the navel orange to be available for consumers throughout most of the year with only June, July, August and December showing a lack of availability for the navel orange. However, because there are growers and cultivators that have them available all year, consumers are never in the position of being unable to obtain their beloved navel oranges.

While in many regions the Valencia orange is used when there is no market for the navel orange, there is a slight difference once of which being the Valencia orange may contain a few seeds while the navel orange is completely seedless. Many manufacturers tend to use Valencia oranges in the production of commercial orange juice, but you certainly have the option to use a navel orange, especially if you are making your own freshly squeezed orange juice.

There are many other purposes for which you can use a navel orange in Texas include the famous and highly publicized barbeque. Choosing to serve navel oranges or use them in an edible arrangement makes any barbeque or other party stand out from the rest of the crowd. Mix the orange peel or orange juice into a dessert or meat dish in order to provide a different flavor. It isn't necessary to have a recipe that specifically tells you to add orange flavoring; you have the option to create your own and see what you can accomplish through trial and error.

The navel orange is a popular orange throughout the United States including the state of Texas. Adding it to your family's diet or to any recipes you make will provide your guests with a different flavor in addition to adding nutrition to your every day dietary delights. By developing a sense of creativity you will be able to spice up any party, dinner or just family gathering. The navel orange is not just for people in Florida to enjoy but is a fruit that everyone should add to their home's fruit bowl, fruit basket, edible arrangement or favorite recipe.

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