When are Georgia Peaches in season?

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In the beautiful southern state of Georgia the “Southern gentleman” Peach is currently in season. The fuzzy, succulent, staple summer fruit that is a member of the rose family is once again making everyone’s mouth water. Peach gifts are being sent all summer to both individuals and businesses as well.


Peaches are originally from China and have been cultivated in that country since the Neolithic period. They made their way to Europe via the Silk Road and eventually reached Florida & the United States in the mid-1500s. Franciscan monks then introduced peaches to Georgia and planted the first Georgia peaches in 1571 on the St. Simons and Cumberland islands that are along Georgia’s coast.

Peach Varieties and Harvest Season                                                                              

There are more than 300 peaches varieties being grown in the United States with about 4 dozen of these varieties being cultivated in Crawford, Taylor, Macon and Peach counties in the State of Georgia.

Georgia peaches are mainly categorized as Clingstone (flesh does not fall off the pit), semi-Freestone and Freestone (flesh falls easily off the pit). Clingstone peaches like Springprince, Falvorich and Carored are harvested from May 15th to June 1st while semi-Freestone peaches from Georgia like Rubyprince and Juneprince are harvested from June 1st to June 20th. Freestone sweet peaches like Majestic, Flameprince and Summerlady are picked from June 19th until August 10th.

During the harvest season fresh peaches for sale can be found everywhere. You will find them at fruit stands, in grocery fruit racks and even online fruit stores filled with different varieties of fresh, sweet and juicy Georgia peaches.

Variety Pit Attachment Harvest Period
Flordadawn Clingstone Late April
Gulfcrest Semi-clingstone Early May
Flordacrest Semi-clingstone Early May
Flordaking Clingstone Mid May
Gulfking Semi-clingstone Mid May
Regal Semi-clingstone Mid May
Gulfprince Clingstone Late May
Springprince Clingstone Late May
Empress Clingstone Late May
Goldprince Clingstone Late May
Summerprince Semi-clingstone Early June
Garnet Beauty Semi-clingstone Early June
Harrow Diamond Semi-clingstone Early June
Gala Freestone Mid June
Fireprince Freestone Late June
Elberta Freestone Mid July
Autumnprince Freestone Mid to Late August


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