When in Texas….Have a Navel Orange

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oranges11.jpgIt doesn't matter whether you live in Texas or are visiting; take the time to enjoy a navel orange when they are available. In fact, the only time you will not be able to find a local navel orange is from June through August and in December. That doesn't mean you will be unable to find a navel orange at all; they are available all year in California. You will, however, need to eat the imported variety rather than the local produce you can find other times of the year. Always remember, buying local navel oranges when they are in season means you are not only treating your body to a tasty treat, but you are also stimulating the local economy.

For the Texas visitor, being able to invest in local produce such as the navel orange is an experience in itself. Many travelers are used to the idea of eating whatever the local faire might be when they are on the road–not something that usually involves healthy foods such as the Texas navel orange. However, traveling does not mean you cannot choose to eat some of the local produce even if you are more interested in the local menu items such as the famous Texas chili.

Even for those who are interested in the local faire in Texas during their travels, you can take some time to check the local produce while you are about your daily sightseeing adventures. A navel orange can quench your thirst and your hunger as you continue traveling along your way instead of forcing you to stop for a meal. Besides, you don't want to go home looking as though you spent some time in a dessert factory, do you? It's possible to have the best of both worlds as long as you invest your calories wisely.

In addition to simply trying a fresh navel orange, you can try any number of different selections that include local navel oranges. This may include drinks, fruit mixtures or even main dishes you might purchase in a restaurant. You definitely do not want to visit this fine state without taking the time to taste some of the local navel oranges in many of their fine forms. When you go to a local club, ask if the screwdriver you buy is made with navel orange juice–it will make a tremendous difference in the taste of your drink.

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