Where are Tangerines Most Popular?

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The tangerine is a popular fruit in a number of locations around the world. From North America to Africa to east Asia, people eat tangerines and include them in a number of culinary applications including traditional entrees and classic dessert items. The most popular spots for this fruit–where it is most-grown and most-consumed–exist all over the world. Here is an overview of some of the most popular locales in which tangerines are cultivated and enjoyed.

North America: Since they're more cold-hardy than many larger orange varieties, tangerines are grown in various locations around the United States and are available fresh even when the weather is cold. In fact, some of the most popular kinds of tangerines consumed in the United States are produced and sold during the holiday season–October through December. Satsumas, clementines, and honey tangerines are all quite popular in the United States and Canada during this time of year both for casual snacking and inclusion in holiday food items.

In the United States, tangerines, like grapefruits and other citrus fruits, are grown largely in Florida and California, but there are crops in other locations like Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. Mexico is also a producer of tangerines for export to other countries, and the United States imports large quantities from there.

East Asia: One of the most popular kinds of tangerine–the satsuma–is produced in abundance in Japan, and it is enjoyed in the United States and elsewhere during the winter. They have a reputation for being sweet and easy to peel.

China and the nations of Indochina are also large producers, and the fruit remains even more popular in these countries than in the United States.

North Africa: The clementine, a popular type of mandarin orange, is also known as the Algerian tangerine due to its origin in this area of North Africa. Of course, the clementine enjoys great popularity outside this region of the world, and it is also grown in parts of North America.

These areas of the globe, while not the only regions where tangerines are grown or consumed, are some of the places where the fruit is most popular. Of course, islands in the Caribbean and sections of the Mediterranean coast are also ripe territory for tangerine cultivation, and many of the tangerines consumed in Europe and parts of the Americas come from these regions. Still, it's the tangerine's tolerance of cold weather that makes it so popular–and relatively easy to grow–in climates that are much less warm than these places.

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