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Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber Monday Deal! - 6 Pears Free

Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges, or Grapefruit Navel Combo and we'll add 6 King Comice Pears Free

When you don’t know what food gift to send, how about a little of everything? Grapefruit, oranges and pears will appeal to every taste on your gift list. Send our signature giant Ruby Red Grapefruit, juicy Navel Oranges and gourmet Pears in a can’t-miss gift.

Ruby Red Grapefruit is the rarest and finest of all grapefruit varieties. Deep, rich flesh is so juicy and sweet, you won’t need sugar. Sweet, seedless Navel Oranges are America’s favorite. Our Pears come from Oregon, where the climate is ideal for producing the sweetest, juiciest pears. This pear variety has a creamy texture that’s perfect for pairing with cheese or just enjoying on their own. Win!

  • Fruit gift
  • Grapefruit, oranges and pears
  • Gourmet quality citrus and orchard fruit


  • 12 Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • 6 Seasonal Pears


  • 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • 12 Navel Oranges
  • 6 Seasonal Pears


  • 16 Navel Oranges
  • 6 Seasonal Pears

Cyber Monday Deal

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# ARUP | 17 lbs.


# AOUP | 15 lbs.

Grapefruit Navel Combo + 6 Pears

# AXUP | 16 lbs.

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If you or your friends are not absolutely delighted with every gift you receive, we will replace the gift or refund the purchase price.
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