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Sugar Belles

Sugar Belles

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Sugar Belles IN SEASON: December-January
Swap out that traditional Christmas orange with a Sugar Belle in their stockings! Available for a short time during the holidays (and never in stores), Sugar Belles are miniature versions of our beloved Honeybells, a small, sweet, bell-shaped package of winter sunshine.

Sugar Belles®

Take a rare, tangy-sweet, juicy, ultra-popular Honeybell, cross it with a small and heavenly sweet Clementine, compress it into just over half the volume so it’s bursting with flavor, and what do you get? Pittman & Davis Sugar Belles®!

Also known as Holiday Sugar Belles® (because they’re only available in December), these flavorful, fairly new-on-the-scene little beauties are taking the citrus world by storm. Seedless and so pretty to look at, Sugar Belle Oranges resemble Honeybells in appearance, only they’re smaller. They have brilliant orange skins that peel off easily, and while full of lovely, vibrant juice, they aren’t so drippy, making them the perfect snacking fruit. Best of all is the flavor of a Sugar Belle – rich, sparkling, complex, it’s second to none with citrus fans everywhere!

  • A perfect balance between sweet and tangy
  • Seedless, snack-sized and super easy to peel
  • Nice and juicy without being drippy
  • Vibrant flavor and small size make them perfect packing in a lunch box

Health Benefits of Sugar Belles

A nutritional superfood, Sugar Belles are an excellent source of Vitamin C (in fact, they’re 40% higher in Vitamin C than fruits of a comparable size!), Potassium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Folate, and Thiamin. These are all important vitamins and minerals for heart health, cellular function, and for helping to fight against disease and infection.

A single Sugar Belle contains:

  • 50 calories
  • 0 g fat
  • 13 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g fiber
  • 9 g sugar

What’s Great About Pittman & Davis Holiday Sugar Belles®

Sugar Belles are superstars when it comes to snacking (there can hardly be a more perfect fruit for eating out of hand or packing in a lunch sack), but they’re also versatile enough for a variety of culinary uses. The tangy sweetness of a Sugar Belle is perfect for adding complexity to your food or drink recipes. Use the juice in seafood marinades, sweet-and-sour stir fries and cocktails, and add the fruit to desserts and salads.

Sugar Belle Gifts by Pittman & Davis

Sugar Belles® make AMAZING holiday gifts. For one thing, they’re only available in December (that’s why we call them Holiday Sugar Belles®). For another thing, you can’t get them in the grocery store, so the chances of your recipient picking some up for him or herself are pretty nil.

More than that, though, Sugar Belles® are just right for families or those people you want to remember, but just don’t know what to give them. Florida Sugar Belles® are neither impersonal nor too personal. Food is always a great gift because it won’t clutter up someone else’s home. And with all the dietary restrictions that have to be considered when sending a food gift, Sugar Belle citrus gifts are practically guaranteed to be safe! Sweet, juicy and healthful, a Sugar Belle orange won’t blow anyone’s diet or leave them feeling sorry they ate them. They’re a way to indulge without going overboard. Best of all, they’re shareable!

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