3 Good Reasons Why You Should Ship Grapefruit Gift Baskets this Christmas

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grapefruit13.jpgIf you want to send something unique and interesting to your friends and family members this Christmas, you should ship grapefruit baskets to them. Why ship grapefruit instead of other things? First, grapefruit is good for the health, second, it can help control the cholesterol level and third, it is attractive and delicious.

How healthy is the grapefruit? Studies show that grapefruit contains many nutrients and phytochemicals that help the body ward off infections so when you ship grapefruit baskets to your friends and family members, you are actually helping them stay away from the sick bay. Moreover, the grapefruit is a good source of folic acid and potassium. Folic acid is known to prevent birth defects so if you have a family member who is pregnant or is planning to have a baby, you may want to ship grapefruit to her more often. If you ship grapefruit to a friend who is pregnant, you may be able to help make her baby healthier and smarter.

When it comes to beneficial antioxidants, the pink and the red variety contain loads of lycopene. A number of studies have shown that lycopene is a potential agent for fighting certain types of cancers including prostate cancer. Yes, grapefruit has a potential cancer fighting property so you should ship grapefruit more often to your loved ones even if there are no special occasions. Of course there are no guarantees that you will be able to prevent your loved ones from getting cancer even if you ship grapefruit to them every week but the idea that you are helping them stay healthy is enough reason to ship grapefruit to them regularly.

The second reason why you should ship grapefruit to your family members and friends this Christmas is that this fruit can help control cholesterol levels. Now, before you start thinking that this fruit has fat burning properties, let us make this clear first. There are still no conclusive studies confirming the fat burning properties of the grapefruit so when you ship grapefruit to your friends, do not tell them that this can make them lose a lot of weight. However, the good news is that grapefruit is proven to be helpful in controlling the bad cholesterol and prevent it from oxidizing and causing damage to the walls of the artery. In other words, even though your friends many lose weight when they eat grapefruit; they will still get plenty of health benefits from this citrus fruit.

The third reason why you should ship grapefruit baskets this Christmas is that this grapefruit does not only look good on the table, it also delicious. This sweet juicy fruit is perfect for the family so it is good to send grapefruit baskets to your loved ones this Christmas.

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