How to Make Grapefruit Beauty Products at Home

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grapefruit25.jpgGrapefruit extract is often added to commercial beauty products because it has a lot of great benefits for skin and it makes bath and beauty products smell delicious. But you can avoid the high price tag of designer bath and beauty products by making your own. Making your own grapefruit beauty products with fresh grapefruit, orange juice, and other citrus fruits is better for your skin and your wallet. If you think that because you haven't made bath and body products before you can't do it you're wrong. It's very easy to make your own all natural products at home. All you need are a few easy to find and inexpensive items that you probably already have around the house like:

Grapefruit- Fresh grapefruit flesh and juice will be the main ingredient in many of your homemade creations so make sure that you have plenty of fresh fruit on hand. To mix things up a little try buying several different types of grapefruit. You can also get some oranges or tangerines to add into your concoctions as well. Using orange juice and grapefruit juice mixed together gives your skin a double dose of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet Almond Oil smells delicious and will help make your homemade products smooth and consistent. It will also act as a preservative to make them last longer. You can find Sweet Almond Oil in natural foods stores or in the bath and body section of high end grocery stores. If there are no stores near you that carry it you can order it online. It's not very expensive.

Vitamin E capsules – Instead of eating these capsules poke them open and add the Vitamin E to your skincare creations. Vitamin E is great for your skin and works as a natural preservative.

Containers – Small plastic bottles and tubs are perfect for homemade skin care items. You can use fancy containers if you're going to give away the products you make, or you can use basic plastic storage containers if you're going to use the items yourself. Just don't forget to get labels so you won't mix up the products you make. Glass storage jars are beautiful and practical for things like bath salts or body scrubs.

Castile soap – For making shampoos and other cleansers you should have some Castile soap on hand. This all natural soap is easy to melt down and use in your skincare products. Witch hazel is also great for making grapefruit facial cleaners and toners.

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