A Texas Delicacy for Dieters: Low Calories in Grapefruit

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grapefruit9.jpgFor a fruit bursting with exotic flavor and antioxidants, the lean number of calories in grapefruit will help keep you lean, too. Grapefruit varieties are quite diverse in terms of color and flavor, from slightly bitter to a mix of tart and sweet. Red, pink, and white flesh is common in grapefruit, and all three varieties are readily available year round. Outer skin is almost always yellow, but some have a pinkish blush. Pale skin does not equal pale flesh, so the label or shelf tag will usually indicate the variety and internal flesh color. The sweet Ruby Red variation, is a Texas native. Texas cultivated it by taking advantage of naturally occurring pink fruits and encouraging these strains to reproduce. With its jewel-bright flesh and bursting with flavor, the Ruby Red variety is a favorite for juice, being sweeter than its white cousins. Look for the Rio Red variety, a member of the Ruby Red family. In Texas, the season for citrus is from October to June, so the sweetest and most Ruby Red fruits will be widely available during these months. Red and pink varieties are packed full of beta carotene, which is key to supporting healthy vision. Red and pink varieties are also a good source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. All varieties can be relied upon to provide calcium, for strong bones, and folate, for healthy pregnancies.

The small number of calories in grapefruit means that it can be used in a variety of ways to add flavor and boost nutritional content of many dishes. Need more lycopene in your diet? Incorporate into a salsa with tomatoes. Want to maintain a healthy immune system and skin elasticity? Eat whole or drink the juice for your daily dose of vitamin C. Work out often? Spike your water with grapefruit juice, as potassium and other electrolytes will keep you in balance. Maintain digestive health with the high water and dietary fiber content found in grapefruit. It can also assist with maintaining urinary tract health. Grapefruit is highly versatile, and heat helps bring out its natural sugars, so baking, grilling, and roasting alone or with other fruits, vegetables, meat and fish will bring new life to the fruit and your table. Salmon with a grapefruit juice reduction used as a glaze provides essential fatty acids and antioxidants for a dynamic diet duo. Salads with dark greens, avocado and grapefruit provide lots of iron and the vitamin C needed to assist with absorption. Should you prefer sweeter tastes for dessert, broiling the cut fruit slightly and sprinkling with a sweetener makes for a dessert with a complex flavor and very few calories. The calories in grapefruit, combined with their versatility and intense flavor, make it a kitchen essential and a gourmet delight.

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