Low Calories in Grapefruit Make it a Weight Watcher's Boon

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Grapefruit is an excellent, low-calorie choice for weight watchers and gourmets alike. Calories in grapefruit are low, but flavor and nutrition is high. This subtropical fruit is highly versatile. The fruit and its juice both have several nutrients essential for good health, and the entire fruit is useful in dishes ranging from salads to condiments to dessert. It can be used in recipes,calling for other citrus, and baked into crisps like berries or apples. Of course, adding pork or cheese to grapefruit will up the calorie count, but a simple salad with greens and mango or carrot will fit within anyone’s diet.

They also pair well with scallops and cilantro for a simple, low fat dish that can be paired with rice, pasta, or couscous. Grapefruit can also be grilled, bringing out its natural sweetness and making for a simple sauce for fish, pork, or beef. Milder fish like tilapia may be overwhelmed by the strong flavor, but fish like salmon respond to grapefruit beautifully.The citrus notes in wines like Sauvignon Blanc pair well with dishes including grapefruit, and both pair well with fish, which is a good choice for a low calorie diet. The sweeter varieties can be used in desserts or with more bitter greens like endive, but less sweet varieties should be paired with a butterhead lettuce like Bibb or corn lettuce. However, a sweet fruit or creamy salad dressing can bring together grapefruit with bitter or peppery greens.

Try a citrus punch with lemon, orange, lime, or use grapefruit zest instead of lemon or orange in recipes. Layer grapefruit sections with low-fat sweetened yogurt, and other fruits for a low-calorie dessert. Sections can also be used for a twist on the trifle, a traditional dessert with fruit and cake soaked in liquor. The zest of grapefruit is highly fragrant and is used for culinary purposes and the essential oil is used in aromatherapy. Add a touch of grapefruit zest to a barbecue sauce, dry rub or gremolata in addition to or instead of lemon zest. Gremolata is a mix of garlic, basil, and citrus zest, and is excellent on lamb, veal, beef, and vegetable dishes. Gremolata and dry rubs are an excellent way to boost the flavor of meat, fish or vegetables with grapefruit, and it adds few calories.

Infused in vinegar, the peels can add zing to a vinaigrette. The infused vinegar can serve as a sweet or savory pickling solution. Infused vinegars are also good in marinades, or any place where you want a low-calorie flavor punch. White or apple cider vinegar are widely available choices for infusing, but champagne or rice wine vinegar also respond very well to infusing with grapefruit.

The low number of calories in grapefruit make it an excellent choice for flavoring foods if you are watching your weight.Familiar yet exotic,it is a citrus that is often overlooked in cooking. The intense flavor is nonetheless extremely adaptable. Grapefruit is often available year round- get some today.

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