Add Red Grapefruit to a Citrus Fruit Salad Mixture

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Not every variety of citrus fruit is included in every citrus fruit salad that you may find in a grocery store. For this reason shoppers will find it is healthier to make a citrus fruit salad at home where they can choose what ingredients to include. In addition you can choose other fruits based on personal preference rather than only choosing the most common citrus and other fruits. Red grapefruit makes a healthy and unique addition to any citrus fruit salad along with other choices such as oranges, tangerines and even other types of grapefruit.

Red grapefruit can not only add sparkle but also variety to your citrus salad. With a little bit of sweet and a little bit of sour you can really provide some variety to what might ordinarily be a very mundane bowl of fruit. Variety is what separates a bowl of fresh fruit from a fruit salad. Anyone can cut up some fruit and put it in a bowl with some fresh juice, but to take the time to choose fresh citrus fruits, cut them up and mix them with a variety of other fruits is definitely more appealing.

When you are creating a fruit salad, you have to keep in mind the tastes of each individual. When you are creating individual salads, you have the options to add or reduce the amount of red grapefruit you add to each bowl due to the personal preferences of those you are serving. Unfortunately when you are making a large bowl of citrus fruit salad you do not have the same option. In that case you have to become more cognizant of the needs and dietary restrictions of everyone instead of just one person. Making individual fruit salads allows you to address the preferences of each person including their taste or distaste for red grapefruit.

Another option for your citrus fruit salad is to use red grapefruit juice as your liquid of choice. If you purchase citrus fruit in jars already measured, you are likely to find a mixture of different things, including sweetened juice of some kind. When you prepare the salad yourself you have control over what is in the fruit salad, and as long as you don't have guests who are unable to consume grapefruit, using red grapefruit juice is preferable to using other juice mixtures.

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