Honeybell Oranges: Florida's Own

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The reason that honeybell oranges are rare in the United States is due to the fact that they are primarily grown along the Indian River region of Florida, making the popular fruit and its distinctively juicy tangy taste indigenous to that state. Yes, a couple of other states harvest honeybell oranges, but not like Florida.

As a matter of fact, the companies that sell and distribute honeybell oranges are situated predominantly in Florida. This, of course, is convenient and also makes sense: operate the companies where the honeybell oranges are. It is no surprise, then, that Florida would be the citrus fruit headquarters of the United State

Such a distinction was likely made back in 1931, when the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture Research Station in Orlando first released the honeybell orange variety of tangelo for public consumption. Ever since, the state of Florida has been the place to go for this delectable experience. A great portion of people go on their vacations there likely to get their fair share of honeybell oranges.

The climate in Florida, too, is just right for cultivating honeybell oranges just the way they are supposed to be, although the crops are unpredictable from year to year, which does affect cost. Still, the freshness and taste that only these honeybell oranges can produce makes going to Florida and paying extra for them all worth while.The price depends on a number of factors such as: the size of the crop of honeybell oranges harvested , the distributor, and the time of year that the oranges are purchased. Regardless of price, however, the honeybell orange grown in Florida is truly in a class by itself.

Vacationers who are wondering where to go in order to get away from the inclement weather of the dreaded winter now have an ideal place and one fantastic reason in mind; the winters are best in Florida, and so are honeybell oranges.

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