How to Make Sparkling Grapefruit Punch for Any Occasion

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grapefruit23.jpgGrapefruit punch is the perfect addition to any celebration. From weddings to birthdays to holiday parties or backyard barbecues a light, refreshing grapefruit punch is always perfect. You can make alcoholic punches for adult parties, or non alcoholic punch to give the kids at the event something special to drink. Making a citrus holiday punch for Thanksgiving and other formal events is a great way to cut down on the soda budget and make sure your guests feel special. Making a great citrus punch looks easy but really it isn't. Anytime you have several different types of ingredients mixing together you need to be careful how everything goes together in order to make sure that the finished product tastes great. You don't cook without a recipe, so don't make a grapefruit or citrus fruit punch without following these tips from expert entertainers:

Chill everything – For a cold punch it's very important to make sure all the components are chilled in advance. Just using ice to chill the punch won't work very well. Chill the punch bowl by putting it in the refrigerator or filling it with ice long before you make the punch. Squeeze the grapefruit juice or orange juice that you're using and put it in the refrigerator. Make sure that the ginger ale or club soda is fully chilled too. Your guests will notice the difference in the taste of the punch when everything is not pre-chilled.

Mix carefully – When it comes to punch the order in which everything gets mixed does matter. Always add the ginger ale or club soda or any sparkling water that you are going to use to give the punch a kick gets added last. This will give the grapefruit juice and other juices time to blend and will slow down the process of the punch going flat. The minute that the fizzy drinks are added to the punch they will start to go flat so add them last if you want the punch to stay sparkling. Throughout the night add more sparkling water, club soda or ginger ale to keep the punch carbonated.

Don't use plain ice- Plain ice in the punch will only dilute the flavor, which will end up making the punch taste bad as the party goes on. Instead of using plain ice in the punch make ice cubes from grapefruit juice or a mix of grapefruit and orange or tangerine juice and use those to chill the punch. Or, make a delicious grapefruit sorbet and place that in the punch to chill it.

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