Make the Switch to Honeybell Oranges

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For many people plain Florida oranges or Navel oranges just don't suit their tastes. Some consider these varieties too tart and are looking for something that is sweeter and juicier. If you don't mind waiting until January for your oranges, you can order honeybell oranges to fit those occasions when you feel you want a different taste.

These hybrid fruits are a cross between a grapefruit and a tangelo, so their taste is certainly different from the ordinary orange most of us are used to eating. By stocking up when they are in season and freezing or canning them, you can have honeybell oranges throughout the year.

You can peel them, remove the fruit and store them safely until you are ready to enjoy them. If you choose to store them in vacuum-packed jars you can serve honeybell oranges in the same way you would serve any other fruit; fresh canned fruit instead of store purchased varieties are much tastier and healthier for you.

One of the ways you can serve honeybell oranges is to include them in fruit salads. This might mean a fresh fruit salad mixture or you can include them in other fruit salads such as the Ambrosia salad. On the other hand you can choose your own mixture to include in a fruit salad or fruit mixture in order to give it a different taste. Anything you can do with oranges you can do with honeybell oranges with one major difference: the concoction will be sweeter and juicier. This citrus fruit is certainly one that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the taste of sweet citrus, and even to some who may not ordinarily enjoy the somewhat bitter taste of oranges.

What can you do with honeybell oranges besides make fruit salads? You can make your own juice for drinking while they are in season. If you don't like the taste of just one juice–and some people don't–mix the juice for your honeybell oranges with any other juices of your own choosing to create a different flavor. Some people enjoy the flavor of fruit juice dripped over salads rather than high calorie salad dressing. You can also take the juice from your honeybell oranges and use it to pack other fresh fruits such as pears, apples and peaches. It is a good idea to order your honeybell oranges early enough so you will have them as soon as they are available for purchase and before the supply is depleted.

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