New Year’s Lucky Foods

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Why do we look forward to New Year’s Eve so much? Probably in part because ringing in a new year offers an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings. Whether you plan on greeting 2022 with a large gathering of friends and family or celebrate in a more intimate way, you should choose your menu carefully.

Many foods carry special significance at New Year’s. Here are some “lucky” foods you can try incorporating into your New Year’s spread that will create tradition you’ll want to come back to every year:


Pigs have long been a symbol of luck in many cultures. Perhaps it’s because a pig’s questing snout represents progress and forward movement, or maybe it’s because a fattened pig symbolizes prosperity. Whatever the reason, many cultures (including Austria, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland) eat pork at New Year’s because the fatty meat is symbolic of a fattened wallet. also symbolic of “fattening” their wallets. In Germany, presenting a loved one with a marzipan pig (known as “Glücksschwein,” or “lucky pigs”) is said to bring good luck in the coming year.

If you plan on preparing New Year’s Eve party food or a New Year’s Day breakfast or dinner, consider adding pork to the menu. Using ham to flavor lentils, rice or black-eyed peas will double your luck, since these foods are also thought to bring good fortune! Or you can incorporate ribs, bacon, sausage, and ham to your menu with no effort at all.

  • May We Suggest: Pittman & Davis Tamales
    If you want to serve pork at your New Year’s feast, you can’t go wrong with our 5-star favorites! You’ll be in good company, too – many of our regular customers make them a yearly tradition. Along with pork, our tamales also come in chicken and beef, a perfect way to spice up your party menu! They are also wrapped in moist, flavorful cornmeal – another “lucky” food that’s a New Year’s tradition for many.

Round Fruits

Seeing as how we’re all about fruit gifts at Pittman & Davis, it’s no surprise to us that round fruits are considered lucky at New Year’s! Think of the ball at Times Square – round objects call to mind prosperity in the form of money (coins), while a circle “coming full circle” or the continuation of time. Regardless, this is part of the reason why fruit makes such a marvelous gift at the holidays. What would a Christmas stocking be without a sweet navel orange, for instance? Or if you prefer to order apples for a loved one, our crisp Fuji apples are currently in season (apple gifts are always appreciated!).

May We Suggest: Ruby Red™ Grapefruit and Navel Oranges

If you want to maximize your citrus gift, this collection is an excellent choice. Including a combination of juicy and fragrant fresh navel orange, TX or Florida-grown, sugar-sweet Ruby Red™ Grapefruit (the fruit that made us famous!) in the combinations and sizes of your choice, this assortment is a yearly best-seller!

Round Foods

Like fruit, round or ring-shaped foods in general symbolize a year coming full circle, and sweet foods symbolize a hope for a year filled with sweetness. When planning your New Year’s desserts, think round. Cookies are a great choice for a New Year’s Eve buffet because they’re easy to eat, while cakes are perfect as New Year’s dinner dessert. Our creamy citrus cheesecake combines like an orange into a round cake!

May We Suggest: Yellow Rose Lemon Cake

This sweet ring cake would make a perfect dessert after a New Year’s supper! Satisfyingly sweet for sweet thoughts for a new year, but light after a season of indulgence, one bite of this luscious, moist and flavorful cake and you’ll understand why it’s one of our enduring best-sellers.

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