What to Make on Christmas Morning?

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‘Tis the season for holiday gift basket catalogues to arrive en masse, and no wonder…when loved ones live at a distance or your social distancing at home, sending Christmas gifts by mail is the perfect option for letting people know you care. The question is, what to send?

Before you go perusing their gift lists, keep in mind that a special day like Christmas deserves a special start – a start that may be a bit hectic if you open presents first thing in the morning. Just because your hands are full doesn’t mean you or your loved ones need to go without a special breakfast – these easy, prepared-ahead-of-time options are not only wonderful in and of themselves, they add convenience and ease to their morning, making your gift go even further!

5 Great Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas from Pittman & Davis:

  1. Christmas Breakfast, starting at $59.99. One of our best-rated holiday fruit baskets, this collection includes everything you need to make a delicious pancake breakfast: Buckwheat Pancake Mix, real Northwoods Maple Syrup, and savory Smoked Canadian Bacon to round things out. And, of course, our most popular signature winter citrus is included – sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit alone or mixed in with seedless Navel Oranges (your choice)! The bacon is pre-cooked, and the pancakes are easy to whip up, so this is just the thing after a late-night Christmas Eve service.
  1. Fresh-Baked Pastries, starting at $29.99. It’s easy to see why our Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake and Apple Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake are our most sought-after baker Christmas gifts. Dozens of five-star reviews on our site praise their flavor, freshness and quality. After a late night setting out toys and a morning spent watching the kids open them, your recipients will appreciate this quick and easy accompaniment to their morning coffee.
  1. New York Crumb Cake, only $36.99. Here’s another Christmas pastry to serve with your morning coffee! Moist, buttery and delicious, this crumb cake is great for breakfast or dessert, and just right for helping you kick-start your holiday activities
  1. Canadian Bacon, only $33.99. Eggs Benedict wouldn’t be Eggs Benedict without Canadian Bacon! Hickory smoked, tender, and lean, our premium Canadian Bacon has all the flavor of a good fat without the sodium and calories. It’s the quintessential breakfast meat for special occasions, and you’ll see why after one bite! Plus, it’s fully cooked and ready to eat so it takes no effort on your or your recipients’ part to prepare.
  1. Texas Two-Step, only $34.99. If you’re looking for Texas Christmas gifts, look no further than this holiday fruit tray! The Texas Two-Steps is one of our best sellers because it contains two each of Pittman & Davis’s most popular fruits: sugar-sweet Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit (which originated in the Lone Star state), seedless Navel Oranges, easy-to-peel Clementines, luscious and creamy D’Anjou Pears and crisp Fuji Apples. For those looking for a healthier breakfast (or a lighter snack during this season of indulgence), there’s no better option than this holiday fruit basket!

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