Order Holiday Gifts Early in 2021

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Have you heard? Predictions for on-time delivery of packages and cards this coming holiday season aren’t much better than last year’s.

Maybe things won’t be quite as bleak as predicted, but if you’ve been browsing Pittman & Davis’s catalog for food gifts to send by mail this holiday season, sooner is probably better than later.

The Solutions? Order Early.

The best way to ensure your Pittman & Davis gifts arrive on time is simple: figure out what you want to get, place your order as soon as possible, and choose low-traffic ship dates wherever possible.

The good news is that ordering early shouldn’t affect the quality of your gifts. You won’t even have to resort to buying all dry fruit gifts (unless you want to – ours are amazing!) because our Texas citrus fruit gifts stay fresh for a long time.

If your gift recipients look forward to your orange gifts from Pittman & Davis every year, you don’t have to worry – citrus fruits (like those from our Texas citrus gifts) stay fresh for weeks after they’ve been picked, so your friends and loved ones will enjoy them just as much on Christmas morning as they will on the day they arrive.

Pittman & Davis is the Best Way to Spread Cheer!

Your gift doesn’t have to consist of fruit alone, either…in addition to our orchards and groves, wonderful gifts come out of our bakery and kitchen, including cake gifts, candies, cookies, smoked meats and cheeses and more.

For an especially welcome gift, choose from Pittman & Davis’s assortment of fruit and cheese gifts. Exceptional fresh fruit and specialty cheese pairings are always welcome, particularly for the entertainer in your life! Because we take the time and attention to offer the best, we include artisan cheeses along with fruit, carefully selected by our experts for the perfect fruit and cheese pairings.

Now more than ever, we need a little Christmas! If you’re craving can’t-miss gift ideas to show the folks on your gift list (at home, at work and at a distance) how much you care, with a little planning Pittman & Davis can help you finish your list in no time. Shop now, order early, and get it there in time!

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