Pittman & Davis March 2019 Grove Update

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To grow the best Cara Cara oranges, we spend long days in the grove to ensure that each tree has ideal water, nutrition, drainage, and care. When we see dark green leaves and sturdy branches supporting perfectly ripening Cara Cara oranges like these, we know all our hard work has been rewarded.

A mature tree in the grove displays ripe and ready to pick Cara Cara oranges gleaming in the sunshine. Older trees produce the most fruit, so growing these sweet treasures becomes a patient process of not only cultivating healthy trees, but also caring for the land across generations.

When you slice a fresh Pittman & Davis Cara Cara orange you are treated to a feast for the eyes. The bright red-orange seedless flesh bursts with juicy sweetness and makes these gourmet oranges a favorite around the world. We pick them by hand and deliver them to your door with care, so that each fruit you receive is citrus perfection.

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