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Go to the store or order online? That’s a choice every consumer faces when it comes to buying something. In the wake of the pandemic, online shopping is even more popular than ever, and why not? The advantages of online shopping are many: not only do you have increased access to product information, you can also shop without leaving home (without even leaving your bed) and opt for expedited delivery. These days you can even enjoy a more personalized shopping experience.

But while online shopping seems like an excellent choice when it comes to buying books and clothing, what about food items? From opting for mail order gourmet cakes for birthdays and celebrations to sending a gourmet coffee cake gift for a holiday celebration, the ability to order exquisite baked goods from Pittman & Davis or other online bakeries has redefined the way we “visit” bakeries.

A Brief History of Bakeries

There’s a reason why good bakeries rarely go out of business. Whether located in large cities or small towns, bakeries have been in operation for decades or longer, providing good, fresh bread and other baked goods to local customers. While many private citizens could and did bake at home, baking is a labor-intensive process that takes years of hard work to master, and so selling baked goods became a trade from ancient times. Bakers in ancient Rome even formed guilds to protect their interests.

The Modern Bakery

In the old days, bakers focused mostly on bread, which has been a dietary staple in many cultures for generations. Later, bakers added other flour-based foods to their repertoire, such as cakes, pastries, and pies. This allowed bakers to branch out and sell items for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Many modern retail bakeries also serve coffee and tea, which helps them attract much larger crowds. That they are essentially cafes that serve fresh baked goods on premises gives them a leg up on ordinary coffee shops.


It’s easier than ever to find gourmet pastries online, or to order gourmet gift boxes or a gourmet gift basket of baked goods to send to loved ones and colleagues.

Many online bakeries focus on cakes, cookies, pies, and other sweet treats, as well as fresh bread. They produce gourmet confections for shoppers who have neither the time nor the expertise to bake them on their own. Most of their customers purchase items for special occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, or business events. Many brick and mortar bakeries now earn more from online sellers than they do from their local customers. What’s the secret?

Selling goods and/or services online works because it helps businesses cut down on their overhead costs. Expenses like rent, utilities, staff, and inventory can be slashed to the bone when you know exactly how many monthly orders you are likely to receive. The baker can then concentrate on his/her job and the delivery person can see to it that items are shipped out in a timely manner.

Buying Baked Goods from Pittman & Davis

If you’re looking for a special gift for a special someone at most any time of year, you can’t go wrong with Cake, Cookie, and Pastry Gifts from Pittman & Davis! Alone or in combination with our premium fruit, smoked meats, and other gourmet treats, Pittman & Davis baked gifts range from the traditional (like our Hamantaschen cookies) to regional favorites (like our best-selling Yellow Rose Cake) to the unusual (like our Creamy Citrus Cheesecake).

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Delight friends, family and clients with a selection from our assortment of baked goods. Our gourmet coffee cakes and pastries, handmade with fresh ingredients, are always huge sellers year-round – the perfect breakfast treat. From our Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, you’re sure to find the perfect baked gift for any occasion.

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