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Looking for a gift to make the graduate in your life feel special?

Graduations are big life moments. Finishing high school is considered the turning point from childhood to adulthood, while graduating from college is a time for them pursue their dreams in the real world. Then there are those who go after advanced degrees or get their degree at a later time. Grads of all ages are special in their own way, and gourmet fruit baskets are a great way to celebrate their achievement and let them know how proud you are of them!

Fruit Gifts to Send the Grad in Your Life

Fruit gifts are great to send when you’re not sure what to get the recipient in question, because just about everyone loves fresh fruit! Pittman & Davis offers fruit gifts online that are just right for a summer celebration. Here are just a few:

1. Summer’s Best Fruits, starting at $29.99. There’s nothing like summer’s freshest fruits to help you beat the heat, and Pittman & Davis offers the best: Florida-grown Tropical Mangoes, oh-so-sweet Georgia Peaches, delectable Bing Cherries, and much more. You’ll even find Texas 1015 Sweet Onions which are sure to be a hit with the grill master! If your grad is throwing a special party to celebrate his or her achievement, they’ll all appreciate our amazing, premium fruit.

2. Sunshine Fruit Tray, starting at $34.99. Your grads will wish they’d received dry fruit gifts like this during final exams! Sweet as candy but packed full of vitamins, fiber, and energy-enhancing carbohydrates, this tray is full of nature’s best sun-drenched fruits: dates, prunes, apricots, pears, pineapples, and cherries. Guilt-free indulgence!

No matter what the occasion, a fresh fruit gift basket from Pittman & Davis is sure to be a hit. Easy for you, welcomed whole-heartedly by them…you’ll find something for everyone on your list!

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