Send Grapefruit in a Gift Basket

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A basket of fresh fruit makes a great gift for friends, family members, and business associates. Not only are they nice to look at, but they are also quite tasty to sample. With the help of the internet, fruit baskets can now be purchased for only twenty or thirty dollars and can be delivered within twenty-four hours. In this article we are going to discuss the best seasonal fruits to send.

Though they are often viewed as a simple breakfast food, grapefruits are some of the healthiest fruits around. The modern grapefruit is actually a cross between an ancient Indonesian pomelo and a Jamaican sweet orange. The history of this fruit is actually rather interesting.

The existence of the grapefruit was first documented in 1750 when a Welsh explorer espied them on the island of Barbados. At the time, the grapefruit was known as the “forbidden fruit,” probably because there weren't that many of them.

Years later, the grapefruit obtained its confusing name from an iterant botanist who noted that they grew in clusters, like grapes. The fruit remained an exotic island delicacy for decades until it was brought to Florida by a Spanish count.

But because Florida was already awash in oranges, the grapefruit could not gain a foothold. It was relegated to the role of exotic novelty fruit. Fortunately, someone had the bright idea to send the grapefruit west. The strange fruit made it all the way to South Texas where it was given to local farmers.

Just as in Florida, the grapefruit was little more than an exotic fruit that was a bit on the sour side. Of course, that didn't stop farmers from planting seeds and experimenting with new crops. According to the official record, the first grapefruit crop in Texas was planted in 1893. For years, farmers would send grapefruit to friends or give them away to the locals. No one ever thought about charging people for them.

That was until 1929. It was in this year that the owner of a small orchard made a startling discovery. He found a red grapefruit growing on a pink tree. Oh, we neglected to mention that all grapefruits at the time were either pink or white. In fact, the white grapefruit was the original, while the pink one was a simple mutation.

And that is exactly what the new red grapefruit was, a mutation. But unlike the pink variety, the new red not only looked different, it also tasted different. According to grapefruit lovers, the red variety has a much sweeter taste that other grapefruits.

By the time the commercial grapefruit industry had been established in Texas, all grapefruits were red or “Ruby” grapefruits. And people who wanted to send grapefruit only had one choice, the Ruby.

Should you send grapefruit in a fruit basket? Absolutely! Grapefruit is not only one of the healthiest fruits around, but it is also quite durable. While apples and pears can go bad in only a few days, grapefruits will remain fresh and tasty for well over a week.

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