Sip of Health: Grapefruit Drink

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grapefruit4.jpgThere may not yet be a miracle cure to everything or a fountain of youth or a weight lose supplement guaranteed to take it off and keep it off, but there are a few power house fruits that come pretty darn close. Have you ever thought once that by taking a sip of your favorite grapefruit drink is making you and your friends healthier people. Even if it is a salty dog at the bar, you are still absorbing the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that the grapefruit drink offers. Obviously when mixed with alcohol you will not reap the full benefits of either drinking the juice alone or eating the fruit, but nonetheless you are making a better choice over other bar mixers!

That grapefruit drink you love for breakfast with your family or at happy hour with friends is helping you fight against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders and liver problems such as production of too much cholesterol. Stomach, pancreatic and breast cancer studies have all should positive correlations between the antioxidants found in your grapefruit drink and their effectiveness to ward off toxins such as free radicals in the blood. While at the same time, that very same grapefruit drink helps ward off and fight against the common cold, fevers and the flu because like the other citrus fruits in the family, grapefruit is a great source of vitamin C. The fiber content and the alkaline nature of the fruit after digestion also promote digestive health by providing dietary fiber and reducing acidity in the digestive system.

Best of all, your grapefruit drink can help with weight-loss! It is hard to not have heard about the grapefruit diet, well, many of the nutrients found in the fruit are also found in the juice, so you get many of the same results from the fat-burning enzyme that the fruit carries that helps ride the body of toxins, reduce the starch and sugar in the body and relieve water retention. The later is why many pregnant women love to eat the fruit or have a grapefruit drink as it helps cut down the swelling in the legs, ankles and feet caused by the common side effect of pregnancy, water retention. There are dozens of other awesome remedies your grapefruit drink provides you! Grapefruit is said to help with fatigue as well as insomnia. Grapefruit is also diabetic friendly as it helps reduce the starches and excessive sugar in your body, making it not only a tasty part of the menu, but also is said to help prevent diabetes!

So next time you reach for a drink, make sure it is a grapefruit drink, and cheers your friends and family to health.

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