Texas Citrus Gift Ideas

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Holiday fruit basket

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As many are already aware, one of the best times to give fruit gifts is during the holiday season. Why? Well, it's in the late fall through the winter months that so many grapefruits and oranges are available fresh, and there are any number of Texas citrus fruits that are sure to make any holiday gift a special one. Whether it's a Henderson grapefruit display or a basket of Clementine tangerines, there are sevearl Texas citrus varieties that will make for special gifts.

First of all, it's grapefruits that have created such a great reputation for Texas citrus fruit, and many varieties look great piled high in a basket and adorned with a bow. The Henderson, in particular, is a great fruit for gift-giving specifically because of the red blush on its peel.

Many grapefruits bear only a plain, dull yellow color on the outside, but the Henderson has a very distinct coloration that is very attractive. Another grapefruit that looks similar on the outside is the Rio Red, which also happens to be produced in greater numbers than almost any other Texas citrus fruit.

If it's oranges you want to give, nearly everyone loves Navel oranges since they're seedless. A few of the most common Texas oranges happen to be early-season Navel varieties, and they're great for piling high in a basket. The N33E is probably the most common Texas Navel orange, and it's readily available to anyone in the market for Texas citrus who is keeping an eye out for it.

Tangerines, of course, are known for being sold during the holidays, and they're cold-hardy enough to be grown and sold very late in the season. The Clementine, though not produced in huge numbers in Texas, is found in the state, and it's a very popular tangerine for giving at Christmastime. Since they're so small and easy to peel, tangerines make for excellent snacks.

It's easy to see why Texas citrus fruit makes for a great gift-giving opportunity. Of course, the reason we give fruit as a gift is because it's more personal. It may not come with a store-bought card or a fancy box, but fresh fruit is a gift that can only be given at certain times of year, and taking the time to dress up a few Texas citrus specimens with a basket and a bow gives your recipients something special to keep on their dining room table during the holidays Ð when they're not snacking on it, that is.

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