The Best Sources of Grapefruit Pectin

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grapefruit13.jpgMost nutritionists want you to lower your cholesterol, unless it is already at a great level. But lets face it – most diets today are quite high in cholesterol. In todays busy society, fast and convenient foods are what the masses use to eat. Unfortunately, a lot of these foods have high fat and cholesterol levels. You can go to the doctor and have them prescribe something to take care of this, or skip the big drug and doctor bill and try grapefruit pectin instead.

What is grapefruit pectin? It is a type of soluble fiber that can be found in the flesh, skin and pith of a grapefruit. Now, before you start gagging at the thought of eating the white chewy pith of a grapefruit, it is important to know that there are many more ways to get grapefruit pectin than just these methods. These will be discussed in more detail later in this article. First, the benefits of grapefruit pectin should be discussed.

There are many benefits to ingesting grapefruit pectin. Chief amongst them is that it helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent more cholesterol from blocking your arteries. This in turn helps reduce cholesterol to levels that are healthier. It also only affects the HDL or bad cholesterol and leaves the LDL or good cholesterol in place.

So how can you get this grapefruit pectin? As the article title implies, there is more than one way to get grapefruit pectin into your daily diet. The first would be the most obvious, which is through actually eating grapefruit. It is inexpensive and available almost year round in most places in North America, which is the biggest grower and exporter of this tangy citrus delight.

Many adults and especially children do not like the taste of grapefruit. You can then use supplemental grapefruit pectin, which is available in pill or powder form at most health food or mail order stores. However, the best sources are from natural food sources, so trying to get more grapefruit in your diet is best. It is also cheaper.

You can always sweeten grapefruit by adding some sugar, honey, nectar or more. Just be careful, because too much sugar can start to negate the health benefits of grapefruit pectin. The good news about this is that grapefruit pectin can help reduce blood sugar glucose, which is important for diabetics. But again, too much sugar and you negate even that benefit. You could also try red or ruby grapefruit to get your grapefruit pectin instead of white or yellow grapefruit. These are naturally sweet and have a very different taste from standard grapefruit. This may make them easier to eat for many, especially young children who may not like the tartness of most grapefruit.

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