The Best Texas Food Gifts for Spring

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The second-largest state in the USA, Texas has a rich history and larger-than-life uniqueness that makes it well known even to people who have never been there. One of the many things Texas is famous for is its food, and Texas food gifts are always sure to please. And some of Pittman & Davis’s gourmet food gifts from Texas may surprise you!

Best Food Gifts to Send in the Mail

There are many reasons why sending gourmet food gifts by mail is a wise choice. For one thing, if the recipient is someone you haven’t seen in a while, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, an item they may already own, or one that doesn’t suit their taste. Very often you can save by free shipping food gifts. And even better, the best mail order food gifts can be shared, making your thoughtfulness go further!

Pittman & Davis’s Best Food Gifts From Texas

Surprising someone with gourmet food gifts by mail is a good way to introduce a friend or family member to something more exotic than they may usually get. Here are just a few high-end food gifts from Pittman & Davis that pack flavor as big as the Lone Star State itself:

  1. Texas Salsas (#3SLS): Salsa has dethroned ketchup as the King of Condiments, and with these three, it’s no wonder! Our fresh Texas Salsas combine prime ingredients from all corners of the state, like Hill Country peaches, Tropical Mangoes and Tomatoes with mild peppers.
  2. Texas Grilling Spices (#TXSP): Talk about best Texas food gifts for spring! With barbecue season coming up, these spice blends are must-haves for those that love grilling.
  3. Texas Hill Country Jam (#3JAM): Made in small batches in Dripping Springs, Texas, our signature jams use fresh, natural ingredients and pure cane sugar for a taste that is big on flavor and decidedly delicious.
  4. Texas 1015 Onions (#TO1): So-named because it is planted in mid October (10-15), this deliciously mild sweet Onion was chosen as The Blue Ribbon Raw Onion at the National Sweet Onion Challenge. Planted in mid-October, these best-selling onions make great Thanksgiving food gift.
  5. Yellow Rose Lemon Cake (#YRC): Luscious and moist, with a flavor as big as Texas, this Lemon Cake is the best we’ve ever tasted. Looking for anniversary food gifts? This sweet cake is a great choice!

Ruby Red™ Grapefruit

As stated, the above are just a few of our Texas-themed best Internet food gifts! We have plenty more gourmet food gifts by mail, from smoked meats to pecan pies. But one of our very best food gifts to ship remains Pittman & Davis Ruby Red™ Grapefruit.

Did you know that red grapefruit originated in Texas? It’s true – in 929, a Texan citrus grower discovered a mutated, sweet red grapefruit growing on a pink grapefruit tree, which became the Ruby Red cultivar. The growing conditions for sweet grapefruit are perfect in Texas, and Texas Red Grapefruit are sweet, juicy and tree-ripened, literally stored on the tree to the peak of perfection! Alone or packaged together with other premium fruits and sweet and savory gourmet foods, Ruby Reds are a Pittman & Davis favorite, and always a fabulous gift year-round.

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