The Grapefruit Diet Can Help You Stay Trim During the Holidays

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grapefruit22.jpgThis year avoid having to diet after the holidays to get back in shape by simply staying in shape during the holidays using the Grapefruit Diet. The Grapefruit Diet has been around for decades because it works consistently and it can help you maintain a healthy weight even if you're overindulging during the holidays. If you can stay on the Grapefruit Diet during the holidays you won't have to say no to delicious desserts, tasty cocktails, and all the rich, satisfying foods that only come around once a year.

Staying on the Grapefruit Diet is easy. When the holidays start to approach order a large box of grapefruit. Get the kind that has several different types of grapefruit in one box. If you want to use the fruit as a pretty holiday decoration get a fruit assortment or fruit basket that contains several different kinds of grapefruit. By having different types of grapefruit on hand you will keep yourself from getting bored with eating the fruit everyday. Then, add half of a grapefruit or eight ounces of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to every meal. That way you will feel full and not eat so much of the delicious holiday treats you want to eat. When you don't eat more than you should you will be able to maintain your weight without having to forego any holiday treats.

It's easy to add grapefruit to your meals when you're eating at home, but when you're at a holiday party or eating in a restaurant it can be a little tougher. When you know that you're going to be eating a holiday party you can cut a grapefruit in half and place it in a plastic baggie and slip it into your purse, or slip a whole fruit into your purse and eat it before eating any of the treats at the party. If you're only carrying a small bag, or no bag at all, stop at the bar before hitting the buffet and ask for a glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice instead of a cocktail. After you've had your grapefruit juice you can go back for a real cocktail, or more fresh citrus juice. There are lots of discreet ways that you can work grapefruit into a meal at a party. At a restaurant avoid ordering juice because chances are good the juice they have on hand is not fresh and will have added sugar. Instead ask for a half of a grapefruit to be brought out with your meal, or get a fruit salad with grapefruit as an appetizer and eat the grapefruit segments out of that before eating your meal.

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